Aol/internet Explorer/safari And Afp


HI I INSTALLED tiger on my g4mac- since my old g3 didnt have the ability to direct connect thru firewire i had to physiclly move files. I connect thru a cable modem to the internet over ethernet network -three compouters connected to the modem thru ether net hub. all works fine mail, safari etc. Except the aol application and the internet explored applications search for the g3 machine in order to connect. it connects using afp-says it cant find it eventually if the g3 is on it connects to net thru there. If it tries a few times and the g3 isnt open on, eventually connects direct thru the cable modem over the ethernet connection as does safari and others all the time. i tried trashing aol and reinstalled application same with internet explorer. i am stumped. thanks i await your kind reply