Aol/Mac isnt compatiple

Anybody think that Mac OS X dosn't come with all the software we need?

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Aols isn't ready for Mac OS X! When will it be ready? Whan will it be out? I just know that I need the internetso how can I get it? Someone pleasr be able to help me!
Two points:

1) Why use AOL ? With prices going up to $24 per month, why not get cable access ? Or if you want dialup why not pay less (like $7 per month, or even free) with netzero or your local ISP ?

2) OS X is relativelly new and it makes sense to not have all the apps. I expect that by september most apps will be out. When win95 came out there werent that many apps for it in the market. Just be patient

For 9.95, the byoa plan is ok for access to the chat room and to let my gf check her aol mail. But as an isp? Aol? No way. Slow, overloaded, overpriced monopoly wannabe.
because I have three other friends who use my account for e-mail and now I'm stuck with it for their sake (girls! I KNOW you know what I'm talking about Admiral, you've had similar situations):D