AOL with OS X?


I use the AOL service. I wonder if I can use AOL on OS X. Will AOL be able to use the modem to dial out in OS X? Will i be able to use IE 5 in conjunction with AOL, if it works? If AOL does not work, I might switch to Earthlink, which leads to the next question: Is Earthlink compatible with Mac OS X?
Until AOL releases a Carbonized or Cocoa version of their Mac Software, AOL will only be able to be run from 'classic' in MacOSXb. I'm unsure of how well it will be able to access the modem for it's own connection. However if you access AOL via another internet connection (AOL's 'bring your own access' type account), it should work flawlessly providing MacOSX is setup for the network connection.

Earthlink, just like every other non-proprietary ISP. Basicly everyone that uses PPP type connections will work flawlessly, there have been reports of it actually be noticably faster in OSX.

For those using DSL, Cable Modems, etc, just configuring your network settings as your MacOS9 was setup should work nicely.

I've tried to connect to AOL through OS X. It launches ok, but won't recognize the modem for some reason.
You could use the "PPP Connect" app to dial into aol. but then if you do that, you probably could not use all the aol services because that would mean you would have to log into aol under classic using the "TCP/IP" setting, and loging in twice (which aol does not allow). You could always try and find another ISP to dial into so that you could use the aol services, but what does aol realy have? You can get AIM (or the mac os x clone "fire") if you ever want to send an IM, and you could use AOL's net mail (at their web site) for e mail.
Hope this helped!
I am a beta tester for AOL... and the newest installer for an updated version of AOL 5 will not install on OS X if you choose a modem dialup. However if you use TCP/IP for a LAN connection or something then you can use AOL. THere is currently no plan (at least they haven't told the beta testers) to add dial-up service for a while....
I'm also an AOL beta testers... their software currently will not dial out under X so you do have to connect with an alternate TCP/IP connection... combined with the fact that Classic doesn't like the network when you're connected via PPP, it's pretty much have ethernet access of some sort or boot into OS 9.

no idea if/when they'll release a carbon or cocoa version (carbon is probably more likely). Knowing them, it'll take a while.
Hey, folks.
There is no instant answer to the aol incompatibility. I test for AOL also and they reassure me that by the time (early in 2001, giggle) os x is ready, they will be too. But there is hope for those of us who a) won't wait that long and b) set up OS X correctly so that restarts from OS 9 are accomplished by holding down the option key. And those who download a great instant message application called "Fire" currently available free in beta at's OS X page.
There is no way now to access America Online with OS X. You must reboot under OS 9. But....
Should you have a secondary internet provider, say Earthlink as mentioned by someone earlier, and should you install Fire on OS X, you can import your AIM buddies and set up a quasi-instant messenger system that will let you contact your America Online buddies using Fire on OS X.
This is as close to having your cake and eating it too as one can get without owning either AOL or Apple. Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions.