I have heard that AOL goes throught 2 servers. the first to verify who you are and the second to log you on to their network.

Theoretically if you knew the access number you could plug in your username, passwork, and access number in the internet connection application in OS X, but I am not sure if the first server would verify you.

Why use aol though ??? Prices are going to go up...$24 per month is a bit steep fornet access. WHy not use some sort of free service or at least a service that costs 6, 7 or 8$ a month ?
but then again I only use it to make the connection and then hide it and use OmniWeb and Apple's Mail app. It has also worked great for all the updates so far.

Life is sooo hard without DSL.:eek:
I sue my schools T1 access most of the time.
At home I dont really care for downloads ;) I am patient :D