Apache DNS name/host name


I've just installed 10.1 on a Blue G3 with the purpose of using it as an internal web server. OSX Installer wiped the drive clean.

Everything seemed to work fine until I got into IE and typed in the static IP address assigned to the box.

To my surprise I discover that the IP address automatically converted to:


The reason I say surprised is, that when setting up the G3 I named the machine/user something totally different (hub). As a matter of fact Nick Jones was the name of the person/computer that used the G3 running OS 9.1.

So I went into Terminal and discovered there also that the "host name" was [Nick-Jones] hub%.
I figured I could change at least the DNS name for Apache. I opened up Apache's config file and changed the server name directive to the IP address. But still it shows up as Nick-Jones.

So, how do I get rid of this and get my own hostname and DNS name to appear correctly in Apache as well as Terminal?

Thanks in advance...martin


I think you need to edit /etc/hostconfig

The comments in this file indicate that it is maintained by "system control panels", but I don't see GUI anywhere to change the hostname.

Anyway, the first entry in this file probably currently looks like this:


Try changing it to:


It seems that you need to reboot the machine for this to take effect.

Also, I should probably mention this: I think that when it is set to -AUTOMATIC- the system actually gets the hostname by doing a reverse DNS lookup on your IP address (my employer uses DHCP, and I noticed yesterday when I was roaming outside my home subnet that my hostname had changed on my terminal prompt). So, the name associated with your IP address in the DNS table might actually be "Nick-Jones.ourdomainname.com", which is bad if you want your website to get any hits at the address you are trying to give it. Do an nslookup on your IP address, and contact your network administrator if it comes back with the wrong name