apache - httpd ?


I am trying to get Apache up and running on my OS X machine, but I can't seem to get everything configured (or at least how I am used to on a freeBSD box). First, um, where is httpd.conf / httpd hiding? When I search around the file system all I can find is something for httpd.exp in the Modules section for Apache. It is almost as if it wasn't compiled and installed already - even though a lot of the program meat (namely apachectl, etc...) is in place. Does anyone have any ideas or past experience getting httpd / apache to work?
You just need to turn it on in System Preferences/Network/Services (in aqua)

the conf files (and everything else apache) are in /Library/WebServer/ (in termial fs)

It took me a while to find them I would have thought they would have done a sym link type think like with some of the other stuff they moved

In OS X, "httpd" is called "apache", and so is httpd.conf.

The new Apache 1.3.14 recognizes X and configures itself for installing on it, btw.