Apache, MySQL, PHP4 and Webmin running on MaxOSX


This is what I always wanted.
A complete web development package for active components on a Mac.
Now I can test drive on a mac and later upload to a *nix-Server at ISP-site.

I just need to find out where the flaws of that installation are.

Anybody want to share their experience?

I've used this config since the public beta. It's great to be able to test php scripts locally. Now if there was just a good PHP editor that worked without classic.

BB Edit ..... where are you????? Rease a carbon version already.
MarcOsX, I got Apache/PHP/MySQL running on my X box. Where are you having troubles?

I just have finished the installation. Now I'm going to experiment and will see, what configs need to be changed. With Apache I'm almost finished. I can modify almost everything with Webmin.

Which modules don't work on OSX? And in which I should be more carefully when I modify them?

That would be all fo the moment.

PS: I read about 'pepe' a PHP-Editor (http://pepe.sourceforge.com/) and Pepper, also a useful editor for this purpose.
When I build the src distribution of mysql on OS X 10.0.1 it builds fine and I can do "make install" and it installs fine.

I can then install the basic tables as directed in the manual.

I can start mysqld with the safe-mysqld
I can then run mysql and type in basic queries.

Things that do NOT work currently:

1) mysql-test-run
=> lots of failures. I can be more specific if necessary.

2) mysqladmin -u root shutdown

will not halt mysqld -- just hangs both mysqladmin AND mysqld and nothing will work except "kill -9 <pid>"

Any suggestions/tricks to getting this to work?

I haven't tried either one of those two, but I know I just about went crazy trying to install mysql as another user ("mysql"). I had to run "make install" again as root to make anything run.