Apache - Need help creating alais


I've cross-posted this to both the General Discussion thread and the 3rd party thread since I couldn't decide which one was right...

I've made a lot of progress configuring Apache. I've managed to make it run Perl cgi's both in the cgi-bin and out. I've managed to make a folder in my home directory accessible as [sever name]/~[username].

Now I'm trying to make an alias so that [server name]/java points to my /Users/[username]/Library/Java directory instead of a real folder at /Library/WebServer/Documents/java.

I've added this to the [IfModule mod_alias.c] section of the httpd.conf file:
    Alias /java/ "/Users/[username]/Library/Java/"
    Alias /java "/Users/[username]/Library/Java/"    

   [Directory "/Users/[username]/Library/Java"]
        Options All
        AllowOverride None
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
Unfortunately this is not quite working. From a browser it insists that /java is Forbidden.

Can anyone give me any clues as to what I'm doing wrong?