Apache: Need help with setting up a site


I configured apache to run an intranet site, I added the following directive to my httpd.conf file. (By the way, I had to use 'sudo vim httpd.conf' to actually edit it - thou i had write permissions - i wonder why!)

<Virtualhost *:80>

DocumentRoot /users/sj/WebProjects/HDP
ServerName hdp.com


I create a index.html for the HDP folder and it was fine till then. (By the way, I added hdp.com in hosts pointing to I then created an images folder and placed and image. But when I tried to use this image in my html page - it didn't show up.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!
Did you set it to where others had permissions to read the images folder?
EDIT: A couple other questions: do others have the read right to the image? Have you linked it in the HTML document correctly <img src="./images/imagename.file_extention_jpg,png,bmp,etc">? The ./ will fix a lot of things with websites referencing wrong images.