Apache Server Logs


I've been looking through the access logs of several of my servers and have found an issue that only seems to exist on server. I've set up my log format to be the full referral user agent all info style log. The first entry being %h, however, rather then recording the ip of the person loading the page, it almost always records its own ip instead. Once in a while using the person's ip instead. At first I thought this was a fluke, but I've checked it on three seperate servers, and they all have the same issue, I checked it against my logs on OS X User, and they work fine with the exact same log format. Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts? Thank you.
I have no idea why it does this but for some reason my logs are full of my own ip. When I was hit by the Code Red worm I had 42 entrys of my own ip, when it should have been the other systems. Anyone have any idea why?
I'm with you...I recently installed and configured the new OSX Server and in viewing access logs (we have a database of downloadable photos for clients) I too found the server IP and not the client IP. Also, on the old OS X setup we had I was able to have the access log display the actual file being downloaded but can't seem to duplicate it now. There is definitely something funky with these logs. I too am getting my IP most of the time but here and there the logs do record the correct IP. It is strange but obviously not unique.

Unfortunately I do not have an answer. I too came in here to ask for help and any would be appreciated.

I read about this the other day in a different forum, don't ask me exactly how to do it I don't even have X yet, but the problem deals with the caching that Apache on the OSX Server version. The Apache on the regular OSX doesn't have that automatic caching of pages, so I believe that could be the problem, however, don't quote me on it, but you could still tinker with it and see what happens.
I keep seeing my router's address in my apache server logs under the non-server edition of OS X. Sometimes I get client addresses. Sometimes I get the router. Either way, all my clients go through the router.

I'm thinking that maybe the method in which apache logs IP addresses may be dependent on them being supplied by the remote computer. So maybe some browsers don't report it.

As a note, I got about 20 hits for that darn MS IIS server bug, except they all had ip addresses with them. All within about 1 minute. And they were not impimented correctly, too. Oh well.

I'm going to check my intel/redhat box's logs today and see if they have anything like this.