Apache - setting up directories for webhosting

English Dude

I've been trying to set up Apache all day (using the default installation with 10.1) and am just getting into a mess... getting progressively more and more locked out. (Now I'm at 403 Forbidden - You don't have permission to access / on this server.)

I don't understand where the root folder for web sites is supposed to be, can anyone tell me what the path to the default http://localhost/index.html should be and how to set this with Webmin? (I've obviously mis-set it)

I want to set the server up for virtual hosting so I was hoping to just set up a folder called "www" into which I could put Virtual Servers, but so far I'm stuck just even getting to a server default index page.


your ip address (or domain if it is pointing there)

I am using for this example

This is if you are hosting sites for all users on your computer

it points to Users/username/Sites (this is the Web root for this user)

--- OR --- points directly to /Library/WebServer/Documents (this is the Web Root for the server)