Apache won't boot in 10.1!


OK, I jsut installed 5G64 and Apache won't boot, i need apache, i have a very robust web page. I was on the trail to an answer on MacNN's forums, but i guess they use NT or something, cuase they are GONE for now. This is my first post, show me your knowledge Macosx.com!
I have no idea what tha means. Where would I find that file and how will I know which line is the one in question, and how does one # out a line? I have been Mac for a long time, but terminal and unixy things are very forign to me.
To "#" a line means to comment it out. Open up terminal. Type

sudo pico /etc/httpd/httpd.conf

it will ask for a password. Enter in your password (the one you use to login).

the file you have opened is the apache configure file (its just a text file).

now just go to this web page:

and follow the instructions. You just have to comment out 2 lines (which is done by putting a # before the line). The easy way to find the things you need to comment out is by hitting control-W and typing "hfs" and then hitting return. control-W is search, and it will bring you to the lines automatically.

Hope that makes sense. I was pissed when I first started up in 10.1 this morning and apache wouldnt boot. I found the answer I needed after about 10 minutes of searching though :)
someone else in some other forum already gave me a solution, replacing the .config file with the default file or soemthing like that, it was all inthe terminal so i have no idea how it worked, but it did and i'm on and thats all that matters