Hey all -

I was wondering if anyone knew where a prebuilt Apache server for OS X / OS 9 was. If not, is there a guide availible that would teach me how to compile it / install it, and do all the configuration?

I currently know almost nothing about Unix, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Already on your system (don't know if it's bundled with OSX beta or the developer tools).

Go to System Preferences
Select the network icon
Select the Services tab
click the lock and login as root
turn the web server on and apply the changes.

Go to your finder.

Select Desktop/System Preferences from the menu.

Select Network (blue globe) from the Preference panel.

Select the Services tab.

There is a closed-lock icon at the bottom. Click on that.

It pops up a login panel with whomever is currently logged in automatically filled in the name field.

Change the name to "root" and type in your system password (entered when you loaded osx).

Once you've done that, you can change the web server setting to YES and change the servername to whatever and click the apply button.

Open a web browser and type in http://whatever/ and you should get the standard apache page for macosx (Powered by Mac OS X).

I don't think the test cgi's are executable out of the box due to security reasons. Open Terminal and cd to /Library/WebServers/CGI_executables(or whatever it is) and the change the file permisions, you probably have to su (type su then type your admin password when prompted).
To change permissions type:
chmod a+x file.cgi
where file.cgi is what you want executable.

The Unix Newbie forum has more on this I believe.
I'm having odd problems due to ppp. Before I got ppp connect to work I was able to use http://localhost/ (or to view the locally running webserver now I cant connect to the server unless ppp has me online.
I think this is due to it not finding my isp's (local university) dns server but am not sure. Anyone know of a manual way to do this or any insite into this as to how I can get the local server to work when not connected (ala test-bed)?