Does anyone know if you need to restart in order to shut down Apache? Also, does it show up in the list of running processes as an administrator process, httpd? I turned it on just to see if it worked (which it did, if you entered the right IP address), but then when I turned it off again I could still get to the web server over the Internet. (A little scary from a security standpoint.) It seems like it's off now, but I'd like to know what's going on here before I decide to turn it back on some time.
no restart needed - it should show up in the processes as httpd. i start it from the command line with 'apachectl start' and stop it with 'apachectl stop'... of course this should not be necessary if you are using the stock apache -

when you stopped it was it still in the processes? Maybe the page was cached when you tried to call it after shutting the server down?
Actually, I don't think I've ever seen it in the process viewer. It's definitely not there now. I've been turning it on or off from the Network panel in system preferences. Right now the web server is definitely turned off. Using my work machine, in another building, with at least three routers between it and the web server, with disk and memory caches flushed, and hitting "Reload" in Netscape several times, I can still call up web pages from my supposedly disabled web browser simply by entering the IP address for that machine. Seems kinda strange and unsettling...
thats weird. are you viewing 'all processes' in the process viewer? in my process viewer, httpd is the name and www is the user, but it may be a different user for the default apache install. . . maybe you have to log out and back in again?
Well, I'm not in front of the machine right now (typing this on a fokking NT box!), but I'm certain httpd doesn't show up in the process viewer with "all processes" selected.

I probably haven't logged out since I turned httpd off. Maybe that will kill it.