Appearance problems


Hey has anyone seen or heard of OSX messing up your icon placement, arrangement, and folder viewing settings? It's wierd but my icons like move around on their own sometimes. Like I open up a window and have the icons moved in a certain position and then I reboot or something and they move around.


anyone have any suggestions or comments?

thanks, Mike
OK, this is how you fix your icons from moving all the time on your Desktop. I don't know why Apple deactivated these options, however you can reactivate them by following these steps:

In this example I will use the terminal and vi to edit this key and string, however you can use PropertyList Editor (GUI) or a Text editor to make the edit.

--Edit this file with vi:

vi ~YourUserName/Library/Preferences/

--Do a search for the key "DesktopViewOptions" !!NOT!! "StandardViewOptions"


--Below "DesktopViewOptions" you will see this key without the quotes:


--And below "ArrangeBy" you will see the string without the quotes:


--Change "none" to "kind" or "name" (your choice). Obvious as to what they do! :)

--Save and quit the file.


--You MUST then logout and log back in to see the changes. Your icons will NOT move one bit now!

NOTE: If you don't see the key "DesktopViewOptions" then exit out of the file "" and change your desktop picture and then go back into the file "" and proceed to make the changes. Send me an email if you have any questions
Thanks for THE SOLUTION :), but it is still not possible to arrange the icons in any order and keep them static. The desktop view options arranges the icons in certain orders, but if I would want to arrange them by myself, how would I do to keep them in those positions?
I know, just use Command-N and make a new window for every folder on your hard drive and put each one in the dock, then you will never have to close the folders, so your icons will never move. ;)

Man, why didn't I think of that before?

Anyway, I've had the same problem with frustrating results. Plus, when I tried the "fix" only my desktop icons arranged by name, which 1) I never had problems with the desktop in th first place and 2) it was annoying