Apple 2019 iMac BTO Pricing Messed Up?


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Not identical machines, but the same price?

If upgrade the middle offering, you get less for the same price as upgrading the top offering.

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 11.52.50 AM.png
I know, but they are the same price. One is 575x with 4GB and the other 580x 8GB. Yet, the same price.
I just read my Tidbits email:
"a TidBITS reader pointed out that you could pay more or less for the same configuration, depending on how you started.

In short, for certain configurations, starting with the high-end options will give you a better Radeon Pro graphics processor than if you start with a less-capable configuration and beef it up to be otherwise identical.

For details, read the full article at “2017 iMac Configuration Quirks: Don’t Get Burned!” (12 June 2017), and note that the first two sections about the Radeon Pro options are still true of the new models."
Same thing applies when you buy a car... the bundle that you use as a starting point influences the final price/feature point.
The mid-range line starts with a CPU that retails for around $259.
The high-range line starts with a CPU that retails for around $279.

To upgrade the mid-range line to the CPU spec'd above, they want $500.
To upgrade the high-range line to the CPU spec'd above, they want $400.

The upgraded CPU is $549 retail.

There is around a $50-$100 price retail price difference between the video card configurations, with the more expensive being the higher one included in the high-range.

If the mid-range CPU upgrade price was $400, to match the upgrade price to the same chip on the high-range, then you would have a $100 price difference which would be explained by the graphics card differences. But that $500 upgrade charge seems a little suspicious.