Apple Cancel's Paris Expo...


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Apple cancel's Paris Expo... so, that means that OS X could come out at any day, and not be tied to any such event....

Will it come out earlier? or later than the 26th...
I assume it is because of what is going on with the "war". Now this terrorist is really starting to piss me off! Just kidding, this sucks, but does anyone know other than 10.1 of anything major happening at Paris?
Good for Apple. I'm glad they decided to be safe then to try and get all the developers out of one country and into another. And think of all the travel hassles with Air Travel. It just might not be realistic at this time.
Info Apple website is down, so they may be grearing up for the release sooner. Wouldn't seem out of character for Apple to do something like this under these circomstances. Maybe we'll even get a American flag for a default background.