Apple DVD Player 3.0 rejects PCI G4's


It appears that Apple in their "wisdom", have removed DVD player support for the early PCI video G4's and G3's, meaning I can't play DVD's on Mac OS X 10.1.

Rebooting to MacOS 9 is not practical for me.

Does anyone know if there is a version of any DVD playing software that will work with the early G4's under MacOS X 10.1?

I have the genuine Apple DVD drive including the mpeg daughter card for the standard ATI Rage 128k PCI videocard. It plays fine under MacOS 9.x but I am moving away from that.

- Ernie.
yes, unfortunately, my Lombard is even more marginalized.

No DVD, no wireless and the dreaded Lombard hi-memory
problem. Just fantastic. :(
Don't forget the lack of OpenGL on our Lombards. Heck, support for our Rage PRO video cards (even in 2D) is marginal at best.:mad:

I have heard a rumor of the updated freeware drivers for wireless PC cards being available. Not sure about this though.
I think the wireless is based on the lucent chipset, if so someone will come up with a driver eventually for 10.1 as there are wavelan drivers for linux and FreeBSD already.

I am not familiar with the Lombard model, which range is that?

- Ernie.
Lombards are the 1999 "Bronze keyboard" model of powerbook. First powerbooks with USB and last ones with SCSI.
I read there is a hack to fix the Apple DVD Play 3.0 so it will work on B&W G3's and early G4's.

Does anyone have a link to the hacked version?
The main site on yahoo has been taken down.

- Ernie.