Apple DVD Player not functioning


Hey guys,

My Apple DVD Player software has ceased to fuction. I have tried to re-install the player from and none of the updates can be installed. I also tried RealPlayer, but it says that I need the Apple software to run it. When I try to re-install the apple dvd player I recieve a message saying that the javascript could not be established. That goes for all other updates that I have tried to install. I have considered re-booting os X Tiger, but it seems that I have lost the disk... Can you help?
Heidi Schlieper
Hi and welcome on forums

What do you mean by "cease to function" ?
Does it start but cannot play a movie ? Does it bounce in the Dock, then refuses to open ?
If yes, which kind of movie cannot be played ? A DVD ? A downloaded (.avi/..) movie ?
All the DVDs/movies or some of them ?
Could try to repair permissions on your disk (Applications/Utilities/DiskUtility; select your internal drive on the left pane, then click on "Repair permission")
And by the way which OSX do you run (Apple menu on the extreme upper left of your screen, then "About this Mac")

Hi I think I have the same kind of problem.

I'm using Macbook 2GHz intel core duo, 1G memory.
Everything is up to the date.
the problem i'm having is "I can't play 'movie DVDs' "

CD, burned DVD, Even fake DVD(movie) works, but 'real movie DVDs' don't.
when i insert a movie dvd into the player, it starts to make the spinning sound but very slow one (it's the spinning sound right after you insert a disc into the computer. normally after few sec it will start to go faster and faster). Then it stops, and trys again and stops. It does this about 3 time, then the computer just ejects the DVD out without any error messages. It sounds like the Player is trying to load the DVD but somehow it can't and just gives up....

I don't know when it started, but I just found this out today. It was working before.
I don't (i hope) think it's hardware problem since, the dvd player plays everything except actual movie DVDs.

Hope someone can help me with this problem.
Thank you in advance.
Try throwing out the DVD preference file (an old Mac trouble shooting tip) in /YourHardDrive/Users/YourUserName/Library/Preferences/ and throw out .

Plus try to see if your Mac still sees the DVD drive by clicking on the top left Apple symbol, pull it down and select "About this Mac". When it pops up select 'More Info'. Then System Profiler (/Applications/Utilities/system Profiler) will launch. There highlight "Disk Burning" to see if your Mac still sees the drive.

Lastly have you cleaned out the DVD drive yet with compressed air and/or a CD/DVD dedicated laser cleaner disk yet?
Thanks for the tips Satcomer.

From the top down.

The first tip about the throwing out the DVDPlayer.plist. I couldn't find it. I went into the Preferences folder and DVDPlayer wasn't there. dockfixup.plist and driver.ApplelRController.plist were there but not the DVDplayer.

I also checked the Disc Burning, and everything is fine. every part says yes Except the last one 'Media'. but i don't think this has anything to do with the player not playing movie DVDs.

Lastly I tried the Cleaning. The only thing i had with me was the compressed air. AND "it worked once". I used the compressed air into the DVD drive, then I insert a DVD that didn't work yesterday. The spinning sound didn't go as fast as normal but the DVD icon popped up on the desktop, and the DVD player started to play the movie.
I thought i fixed the problem so and took that DVD out and put in another one. It didn't work this time. I put back the one that worked and it didn't work neither. so in total it only worked once right after the first compressed air try.

sounds to me it's not a software problem anymore since that one blow fixed it for once...but I'm no expert on this.

If anyone can think of something else to try please help me out.