Apple DVD player problems


I'm trying the Public Beta for the first time tonight on a brand-new G4/dual/500 AGP graphics 128MB with a DVD-RAM drive. I have downloaded and installed the latest Apple DVD Player from the Apple web site: version 2.2.1 . When I try to run it, I get the message "This Macintosh does not support the Apple DVD player (error 301)". This seems really odd to me; perhaps the latest player doesn't work with the DVD-RAM drive.

I tried to reinstall the software that came with the OS disks for this computer, but wasn't able to do that under OS X (the installer won't run). I'll next try rebooting under Mac OS 9.0.4 and reinstalling the DVD Player.

Has anyone with similar hardware been able to play DVD movies under OS X, or even to get Apple DVD Player 2.2.1 to run on this hardware under OS 9.0.4?
If you do a search in the "Late Breaking News" for Dvd player work, you will find under the topic on disk compatablity that only CD's are supported in this release. Not dvds.