Apple eNews displays wrong in


Emails received from Apple eNews
do not display correctly in the Apple supplied Mail
application in the public beta.
All of the included images appear at the correct size
and location but are solid pink.
They look fine in Outlook Express run in Classic.
the eNews I received today displayed perfectly fine in

Knowing absolutely nothing about how OS X works, my first and only guess would be that your monitor is set to 256 colors or less.

Anyone else having any problems?
Actually mine is set to thousands.
After changing it to millions it still is pink.
I do have a second monitor, an apple display, also set
to thousands. It looks the same on either display.
I also saved the email to an rtf file and opened it in TextEdit, same problem. I then grabbed one of the pictures and dragged it to a folder. That produced a tiff file which opens in Preview and looks just the same. Strange.