Apple G5 Sound Problem


Hi- on listening to a Cd on my G5 1.6Ghz I hear (sometimes not straightaway but usually within the first song) the addition of regularly popping/cracking noises. Hard to describe but reminiscent of listening to a badly scratched album on vinyl. it is the same if I import a song in itunes, the imported version has the extra noises.
It appears to be a problem with any noise the Mac makes, these additional noises are added, as if its interference or something. Even playing a sound from Sounds in the system preferences (using headphones) I can hear these noises. Which suggests its not the Superdrive.

Any ideas- its really bugging me!

I'm running Panther on this 1gb G5 Powermac.


Scratch & Sniff Committee
It sounds like either a bad connection or moisture, or possibly a damaged capacitor or other component is affecting the analog output from the audio processors. This is not entirely uncommon in any appliance, and should be covered by a warranty repair.