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Will Apple take over GAP? Steve Jobs didn't confirm it during his interview with CNN this week. However, he didn't deny it either.

Can anybody share his thoughts regarding this matter?

GAP had gained such a bad reputation recently for children laboring. Will Apple afford to take over a clothing store with such a recent dirty image?



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he didn't say he going to take over GAP. the question was asked whether he was going to open up a apple retail store in a spot where the GAP once was. big difference.


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Hahahahaah that's too much.

Yes he is. The one on Chicago's Michigan Ave was home to a 3 story Gap. That Gap moved up the road across from the Virgin MegaStore with a much larger 4 store store.


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It also looks like the Apple store will take the place of a recently moved GAp in my hometown of Albany, NY. LUCKY ME!:cool: