apple hardware ship times


I bought a G4 Cube a week ago and it hasn't shipped yet. Has anyone else had any experience with buying from Apple lately? How long has it taken you to get your hardware?
and Apple have to correct this.

Apple must regain credibility. This is a critical time for them, now !
MacOS X is a great deal, so important !! And it is now !
Incoming hardware is important, and is is now that Apple have to move things (Motorola, research, drop fabrication prices, etc...) All new HW scheduled for MWNY are made by now !
Campain advertisment !! Is is now that Apple have to prepare them and make them.

In brief, it is now that Apple is playing its future or death...

With their 4 billion $, they must push all barriers in their way ! Buy some companies like RealNetworks and/or take participation in AMD, buy Altivec patent, push PowerPC alliance to produce more and at higher clock speed. But any company that could help to reduce production and reduce shipping delays, and make lotsa lotsa lotsa ADVERTISING ! So many people DON'T KNOW WHAT IS A MAC, don't know that APPLE EXISTS or there is a WINDOWS ALTERNATIVE !!!!
Advertising every nich that is concerned : ignorant people, consumers, pros, windows users, education, publishing and BUSINESS MARKET !!!!!.
Talk about MacOS X features and advantages
Talk about HW and G4 advantages
Talk about SIMPLICITY with evidences
Talk about FUN
Talk about POWER
Talk about integration, stability, UNIX -> business market !!!

Everybody should see a MacOS X ad, childrens, educators, businessmen, gran'ma, housewifes, lawyers...
This has to be an international campaign, and the biggest Apple can do.
People must see that there is a BIG revolution NOW !!!! Please, advertise everywhere, everytimes !!! Anticipate !

A big campaing should start before spring ! All that people have to turn their heads and listen what will happens in MWNY.

Moreover, MWNY have to be BIG BIG BIG, a normal MW should be ridiculous compared to MWNY 2001 !!

If Apple wants to eat some marketshare and hit more than 10%, they have to do that, and to start NOW ! But I hope they already working on that.

After it will be too late :-(
It is their unique chance NOW to advance and start to grow and eat Windows.

Please please please Apple, IT IS THE TIME !!!!
You have money ? USE IT QUICKLY.