Apple is the best, of course, but ...


I agree with you since I'm using a Mac.
It's The Best.

But just think about friends and other people who don"t know anything to computers : they only look one thing : the price.

For gaming businness or anything else I better like a Mac but try to get an iMac with GeForce 3, G4 precessor and 256 Mo RAM ... (I say nothing about PowerMac ... too much expansive : more than 1500 $)
You can't.

Try to get an equivalent on PC : it exists and you don't need to do some special additions or anything else.

mac is perfect for beginners and experts (not pro but experts). For a pro who whats One thing and not an other : there's nothing to do or say. Apple is limited on their catalog.

Why ? :confused:
Just ask it to Mister Jobs.

Well, I like my iMac, I love my new Mac OS X.1, I just would like now to really have the same on a Mac than on a PC because we can say everything we want, and I'm the first defender, but PC has more good games than Mac.

Thank you.