Apple Keynotes


Is there anywhere that I can download the old keynotes from '97 - present?

Or if anyone has them that I can download from?
I've found some on various spaces on the web, some are still available on Apple's site (although not for download, just for streaming...). But I don't remember. I personally think Apple should provide an archive for this stuff, although it probably adds to bandwidth a lot...
arent most of the keynotes in quicktime??? If you have Pro you should be able to download them
even if you have pro.. if they are meant for streaming that is all you will can save the stream and have it load that way.
"Snapz Pro X 2.0.2" will record the stream and save as QT.
I forget where I found this, but this is the original 1997 Boston MacWorld Expo where Steve Jobs returns to Apple, Bill Gates appears on the screen, and everybody boos him.Available on my computer right here. (133 MB) By the way thanks fryke for the 2000 MacWorld Expo, I love that one.
whitesaint, Thanks so much for providing this. I didn't think I'd ever get to see this keynote. I've been collecting them for years but have never come across this one. Thanks again.
It was announced in May 1998 together with the curvacious G3 PowerBooks and iTools, if I remember correctly. It was a web thing, not really a MW keynote or something. No video to post... A couple of days before the introduction, Apple took the website down and replaced it with three icons. One was a cookie (was that the iMac?), one was a toolbox (iTools) and one might have been a book (PowerBook), but I don't really remember... Anyone got screenshots?