Apple Mail Bug in Panther


Having a big problem with Apple Mail. Perhaps when I upgrade to Tiger it will disappear, but the best that Techs are able to come up with is that some of my mail has been "corrupted," but no idea of which files may be corrupted or in what ways. Apple was not able to figure this problem out and suggested I eliminate my libraries one by one. I'm hoping someone else has some insight:

I have a PowerBook G4 running Panther. All of a sudden a few weeks ago when I would downlaod my messages from my POP server I would sometimes get this message on every plain text and most html messages when I tried to read my mail:

"The message from (sender) concerning “(subject)” has not been downloaded from the server. You need to take this account online in order to download it."

The message is in italics.

The only problem is the account IS online, it is receiving and sending mail just fine, Safari is opening websites perfectly, AND I can go to my mail folders (this only seems to happen in the Inbox) and read mail fine, but when I get back to Inbox, I get this message intermittently and the only thing that fixes it is quitting and re-starting Apple Mail.

It is not, evidently related at all to my POP server nor my outgoinf mail server. It seems to be solely an Apple Mail problem. I made a "Test User" so I could see if it happened to Apple Mail in that identity. It has not happened yet, so it appears to bee a problem with THAT Apple Mail on THAT user (which is me and where all my mail files are stored. I'd rather nt have to copy eveything over to a new user)

Rather than taking the time to copy everything over, I may see if upgrading the System fixes it, but I wondered if anyone else has experienced this.

Gary Stockdale