Apple Mail Have Lost All My Messages


Ok, i have an Inbox with about 500 messages, and one day when i opened the mail, the inbox were simple empty. This is not the first time it happens to me. Some time ago, it happens almost like now and doing some research on the web, i read something about an issue regarding mboxes with too many messages and the getting lost, so i managed to reduce the number of messages on my inbox to less than 500. When i updated my Mac (now i'm using a Mac Mini 1.25 w/ 40gb and 1gb RAM) and my OS (now i'm using Os 10.4.2) i imported my Lybrary/Mail folder (using the import option of the mail app) and there they were, all my old messages. A week later the mail app show me that there were 2 new messages and when i bring it to the front, the inbox was empty and on the top of the window it shows "0 messages, 2 new" (?!?!). When opening the folder <myUserName>/Lybrary/Mail/<myMailAccount>/INBOX.mbox it has almost 200Mb, big enough to be with all my messages in it.
I've already tried to consolidade and to import this folder again and nothing worked. This problem is really upsetting since you are losing 3 years of all communication you had eletronically with everybody (and this includes activations keys for sw buyed on the net, receipts, contacts of people, and so on...)

Pleeeease help me! Does anybody knows how to correct this on or a way to extract the messages from the contents of the INBOX.mbox (and this may include other softwares that are able to read from there, so i can hope that they are able to read it in other way than the and maybe read the messages)

Thanks in advance.

Marcelo Myara
Rio de Janeiro/Brazil