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Simply Daemonic
Newton page, comprehensive on software (english + german):

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Travel Concept Solutions (English to german,french,spanish,portugese,itaian dictionairies!!!!!! high recomend):
Lemme bookmark that one :D
I did not know about it:rolleyes:

Do you know if there is an active project to bring the newton's IR drivers up to date ? (other than backtalk that is)

The talk on the newtontalk list has been that this would be a major mountain to hurdle. Based on what I've read (check out the interview on TON with Robert Ellison), Backtalk was accomplished by adding some additional stacks to the existing newton implementation of the protocol rather than rewriting the drivers to communicate with more modern IR devices.

I've gathered that this means what you desire would require overhauling IR code at the system level rather than just adding on. But I'm largely ignorant of these type of details.
Well, I'm just happy to say that I'm getting a Newton MP120 on Friday, so I'm happy. And, just to top it off, a local TV station aired the episode of the Simpsons that includes the bullies writing "Beat up Martin" on their Newton, turning it into "Eat up Martha" (or something like that) and ends up with them throwing it at Martin, the geeky one. :)
But, to keep it on topic, one other Newton link.
Tima Digital
Why? They sell refurbished Newtons. All they have is the 120 and eMate, though.
Found another nice like :)

Planet newton

Seems old, but it has some software, some reviews and tech help database.
I need to find a specific link for the Newton TIL ( will do so later)

Welcome to the newton community :D
It rocks:cool:


PS: In the simpsons episode it did say eat up
Well, I got it, and I must say it's AWESOME. :D Just want to get it to sync via IR though, all I have is the Mac Mini-DIN8 connector, and I want to use it with a USB->DB9 adapter. :)
Welcome to the family :D
When I got my newton I got one of those USB to serial adaptors by keyspan which gives you 2 serial ports ;)

That is how I sync and back up my data with my mac :D

Now that you have the newton, you can go to and get software.

Happy newting!

Software is the least of my worries: the connection cable is. I have the Keyspan USB->DB9 connector, but my Newton from Tima Digital came with just the stylus, Newton, protector card, an invoice, and the Mac Connection Cable (DIN8). Now to find a way to convert it. I think one of my friends has a pin out of DB9 and DIN8. I'll check :)