Apple/PC ethernet


I want to share my ADSL connection with a router to a MAC G5 and a PC. But i was told that i should check that the Ethernet card i will buy for the PC must be compatible with the built in one of the G5. How do i know what does the G5 has? What are the specs that will comply with the new ethenet card i will get for my pc?
in my experience with a iBook G4 it doesnt matter what the network card in the pc has been as i've had it plugged into many different pc's. The G5 has gigabit ethernet but its backwards compatible and will work fine with a 10/100 card in a pc.
'But i was told that i should check that the Ethernet card i will buy for the PC must be compatible with the built in one of the G5', you were told ridiculous information from an unknowledgeable individual.

'How do i know what does the G5 has?', you do not have to.

'What are the specs that will comply with the new ethernet card i will get for my pc?'. A scenario: You have two automobiles - a VW Jetta, and a Honda Civic (with no engine). Do you really need to know the dimensions, horsepower, weight, etc. of the Jetta's engine if you are installing an engine in the Civic?
Go to the store, purchase any 10 / 100 Base T ethernet PCI (if you have a desktop / tower) or PC (if you have a PC laptop) card and plug it into the PC (I am assuming the PC is running Windoze 98 Second Edition or later).
While at the store - purchase an ethernet router [sorry, I originally said 'switch (not a hub)' by mistake] and any additionally needed ethernet cables.

Assuming you installed the PCI or PC network card in the PC, connect an ethernet cable to the dsl modem's ethernet port and the other end to the router's WAN port. Now connect the G5 and the PC to any available LAN ports (of the router).
To allow the G5 internet access, consult this link for step by step set up instructions. (At step 6 - click on the 'PPPoE Options...' button, review the default settings and make any desired changes).
To allow the PC internet access - consult any PC competent person (not the individual who spoke to you about the ethernet card, etc.) and / or PC related support web site.
Ethernet cards pretty much fall under a standard.....they have to support Ethernet technology..that's it.

What this person was probably trying to say ws that if you were going to use this ethernet card in the G5, make sure that the drivers exist for it. For the most part, most ethernet cards will work, but it is important to check. I had a RealTek ethernet card on my StarMax that required Macintosh drivers for it to work. It was as easy as going to RealTek's site and downloading the driver for the Mac. Mind you, I already knew it would work since it had worked prior to me wiping the hard drive (I had forgotten to download the driver for it before doing this...silly me.. :p).

But as for using your PC with that Ethernet card and the G5 on the same network, you needn't do anything different. Just plug them into the network and you should be good to go.
ANY ehternet card will do....period. I do it all the time. Just find one that will work in your PC and your done. (after plugging them into a router/gateway of course)