Apple Peripheral-8 Cable


I am trying to find an original peripheral-8 mini din 8 to DB9 cable (Apple part # M0815) to connect a Mac 512k to an imagewriter II. I purchased a knock off and I think it is faulty, so if anyone has seen an actual apple cable, please let me know.
Thanks - I have one that I purchased (not an original) and I cannot get a supposed known good imagewriter II to work, so the first thing I wanted to try (after upgrading the imagewriter driver to a system 6 version) was the cable. I find it difficcult to see how a cable of this nature could be wired incorrectly or just bad from a manufacturer, but I need to prove to the seller of the imagewriter that I have a cable that will work and since you have this, and it works, I will give it a go.
Actually, after closer review, the first link to New Egg is a Din 8 male to DB9 female, when what I need is a Din 8 male to DB9 male.