Apple PowerMac G4 for 250$ - a good deal?


Hi there

I could buy a Apple PowerMac G4 800MHz, 512MB RAM, 40GB HD + MacOS X Panther for about 250$....

Now my question: is this a good deal?


doni -
If that is in Switzerland (based on your signature) and it's all working ... not too bad. Would it come with accessories like keyboard, mouse etc as well?
Make sure you are getting the Mac OS X CDs that came with that computer, or an official Mac OS X install set. If it's neither of these, you'll be left either installing Linux or buying the OS yourself.
I will get some software and hardware with it:

- mac os x panther (with CDs)
- keyboard
- mouse

maybe i'll get adobe photoshop cs, too :) that would probably be a wunderful deal :)

thanks for your answers...