Apple product placement


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I've been watching a bit of American TV over the last few months, and is it just me, or is Apple getting in a HECK of a lot of product placement.
On "Buffy" they seem to have 2 iBooks, an iMac an older powerbook, and I saw a blueberry iMac in the lair of a blood-sucking demon. In "Felicity" I spotted 3 different Apple laptops in one episode.
It seems whenever I flick to a show lately, there's some character tapping away at an Apple. I'd like to know what Apple's product placement people are putting in their coffee and where I can get some!
This is the exact type of publicity that Apple should want. Its the kind that esablishes their computers as "cool", because everything else that these characters own is "cool". By staying cool Apple has created a niche market which is comparable to the coolness of BMW's and Mercedes Benz's. Apple should try and present their products like those cars. BMW's and MB's are somthing most people want, but few people can have. This is the position that i think Apple is trying to put themselves into.

I agree. How much fun would Apples be if everyone had them?
In one of the first scenes they have a G4 with Flat Screen and 3 iMacs (Sage and the Red one)! This has been how it always was, I used to have fun going to movies, seeing a mac but then they put a pc look on the screen, now they don't even bother doing that (see that Microsoft Monopoly movie can't remember the name) Apple Rules!
Apple makes it a point to make sure their computers are used as props on television and in movies, and as you've noticed, they're quite successful at it.

Speaking of Jay and silent Bob...

did anyone check out that URL they were at when their friend was explaining about

or something quite similar.

Now it would be really cool to see an apple on Enterprise. Or at least a qwerty keyboard.

(qwerty - thats fun to type!)