Apple Refurbished?


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Anyone ever purchase an Apple Refurbished product? If so, what has your experiences been?




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I haven't purchased one, but I'd assume that it's the same as buying a good condition used one that works fine.


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I helped my parents buy my sister a refurbished iBook G4 14" for Christmas 2005. It was basically brand new, except that it came in a brown box instead of the pretty Apple box. Because they bought this model for her, they were able to get her the 3-year AppleCare coverage at a total cost that came out to less than a new iBook G4 at the time. And she's very happy with it. When we openedup the box, it looked brand new to me....even down to the new computer smell. :)

Remember that machines that are refurbished are either brand new machines built from the thoroughly-tested parts of other machines that might have had some issues. Then these refurbished machines are put through the same torture tests that the new machines undergo. If they pass, then they are resold. But because they aren't "new" from scratch, the can't be called "new". They are also referred to as refurbished when the machines have been sent back to the factory either due to a surplus or lack of sales. Since they were already on the floor and later returned to the manufacturer, then it can't be called new.

But in terms of looks and functionality, they are basically new. :)


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I bought my G5 Dual-Core 2ghz from the refurb store. It was meant to have a 160gb Hard Disk, but when mine arrived it had a 250gb Hard Disk..!! Woo-hoo..!! I've heard of other similar stories about buying from the refurb store, with machines coming with more Ram than expected etc..I'm absolutely delighted with my Mac & I would heartily recommend buying from the refurb store to anyone. It's where I'll be doing all my shopping from now on.


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I have a G4/400 PowerBook I bought from Apple refurbished in 3/2002, still going strong.

Apple's refrubished come with the same warranty as a new machine.

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My last three Powerbooks were all Apple refurbs and all were just fine. My first refurb purchase, a Powerbook G4 Ti 667GHz was missing its Airport card so Apple sent me one(no charge, of course) without giving me a hassle.
My next two Powerbook purchases were free of any issues. I would purchase an Apple refurb again without the slightest hesitation


My ancient refurb performa 630 ran for many happy years. Several friends of mien have refurb quicksilver and MDD G4s and they have been fine as well.


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Well, here's a bad story for ya:

about 3 or 4 years ago i bought an iBook G3 that was refurbished. Worked great for 6-7 months, then the logic board died and the CD Tray broke (but CD trays are a bad idea anyways) so i got that fixed under my warranty. Then another 7 months later, my hard drive failed (tried installing Yellow Dog Linux to see if that would work, but it didn't) and at that point my warranty had expired and there was no real point in my trying to fix it.

so my lesson in this: ALWAYS BUY APPLECARE!


Let's see...

over the years, two imacs, two ibooks, two ipods, one airport express and one airport extreme card. All of them were brand spanking new to my eyes (even with the cling wrap protection), only they arrived in "generic industrial" packing verus the usual hyper-slick Apple package.

All have been, or are, in perfect working order except for one imac which was replaced right away by Apple. Oh yeah, and two of the computers (one imac and one ibook) arrived with double the ram indicated in the ad.

I will never shop elsewhere for an Apple product.


Refurbished means that thay just replaced the parts that were not satisfactory with Apples standards , thay could just replace the hard drive , the ram , the case . Worst of the refurbes is thay can charge it a little less then new .


This all sounds great. Anyone know where we can buy the in the UK? Last time I looked the Apple website only had refurbs available to US buyers.



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This all sounds great. Anyone know where we can buy the in the UK? Last time I looked the Apple website only had refurbs available to US buyers.

The refurb store has been available to uk users for many months now. It used to be only open on a Wednesday but now opens every day..must've been quite some time since you checked out the store..!!!


iPod 10gig - arrived like new except for a brown box. Also, siad eight days for delivery but arrived the next day.

In my opinion it's the only way to buy.