Apple Remote Desktop Challenges (HELP!)


I have three issues:

1. I am trying to connect to someone through ARD 2.2 on Tiger 10.4.2
It seems that they have to disable the software firewall in Tiger, even though it says the checked selections allow communication when you enable it. The only way to get through is for te client to disable the firewall completely. Is this a bug? Can anyone else reproduce it?

2. Further to the above, what username and password is ARD asking for when I add the user (to verify)? Their user name and password? It will allow me to connect as long as I don't verify, but then I don't get control.

3. Lastly, I have tried to connect through a firewall on the client's end (above situations we disconnected it for troubleshooting so this is it's own issue). I understand the basic premise of port forwarding but setting this up as I understand how to do it doesn't seem to let me through the hardware firewall/router.

Any ideas on any of these issues? Build of ARD is 2.2 (7C15).