Apple Remote Desktop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


R.I.P bobw
Will remote desktop 2.2 work with older versions???

if it will i cant get it to work it comes up in the top bar ^ over on the right > hand side it says there is no admin on both macs , how do i make an admin dont tell me to boot the app up because it installs something everytime??

I am using my G3 and G5 I want to be able to control the G5 with the G3 and the G3 with the G5 is this possible They are different operating systems is that a problem.

The rest of the spec's are in my thing in the opposite direction from up

I'm losing loads of weight running up and down stairs and im getting tired ::sleepy::.

Thankyou in the future,

::ha:: CJ ::ha::

is this long enough because people always complain that they are always to short.
Do you have Apple Remote Desktop
10-Client Edition

Or just the ARD that comes with the system.