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It seems there are two MacOS X security updates from Apple via Software update. One prevents the automatic execution of files downloaded with IE and the other one "provides increased security for application access priviledges." I can only assume that the second one patches the newly found security bug.

Yup, the second one seems to fix Apple's security bug. Wow, they work fast, unlike a certain large MICROcomputer SOFTware company that will remain nameless. Dang it though, it messed up my uptime. I had 16 days and 22 hours. I guess I was due for a reboot, anyway.
I have mail setup to auto launch and get my mail when I logon. After the security update, mail showed me the enclosed prompt for every account I have setup with mail.

I don't know if things were not encrypted before or if things were automatically decrypted without checking which app was doing the decryption or whatever. It feels like a little extra security protection for something that had not even made it to anyone's radar screen.

Way to go Apple!



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Looks like the security update modified the Installer, Software Update, and the ApplicationServices' Core Graphics framework. I definitely applaud regular security updates, but it sure would be nice to have more info than "increased security for application access privileges".

Oh, and the build is now 5L14
I couldn't get the IE update until I moved IE back to its original location in the Applications folder. After that it updated without problem.
i think it did that to my on entourage.. before i had the security update installed.. i just clicked always allow for each of the mail accounts i have set up
Rats. I've moved IE too. Where was it originally supposed to be? /Applications? /Applications/something?

Originally posted by rharder
Rats. I've moved IE too. Where was it originally supposed to be? /Applications? /Applications/something?


That Dialog for the Keychain has always been there. According to preferences, you might be able to disable some part of the dialog.(kind of a nuisance, but very comforting in the business environment where you might have private e-mail)

Maybe the update reset the prefs, or enforces the usage.

if you haven't re-started for a while you may have just forgotten.