Apple Share IP 6.3 to OS X Server Issues


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I switched my office from ASIP 6.3 to OS X Server a few weeks ago and had to switch back that same day because of some transfer issues (not really problems but more compatability issues). After installing these are my issues:
  1. Can't assign a group as an owner
  2. Can't type in part of the users name fron get info to assign privalages
  3. Had a problem assigning share points after I used the apple share migration tool (could only add one, then everything would grey out but only after using the migration tool)
  4. After assigning privaleges on folder in the web folder, it doesn't give a login pop up from a web browser (I think it is because of Apache and not actual OS X, but that was such a great feature in ASIP)

    Those are my major transfer problems, a little info on how we used ASIP before, we have clients login in to see their projects we are working on so we would asign the owner as the company group (groupa) and assign the user to a client group (groupclient), and also as an apple share server with certain folders not available to everyone in the office(namely those pesky freelancers). That said here is what I am working on for some work around solutions:
    1. For the login popup I am reverting to using htaccess in Apache, and having each person in groupa automatically added to htaccess when we password protect and then adding the clients logins manually (I am actually writing a little php interface so anyone in the office can password protect a web folder), if someone has a better solution I am all ears
    2. The apple share sharepoints thiongs I am just going to have to do manually without the migration tool
      I would like to hear others migration problems or solutions, and will help out if I can. BTW now with OS X server I have MySQL, PHP, JSP, and ASP, whereas before all I could do was CGI, this is so great!!!!
if i remember, there was a build in web page to manage the apple share server, from that page u can manage your share points (this was in version 1 beta). for the web page u have to read the manual for the port where it's listining.

about the pop-screen for the web pages, that's a apache problem. i don't know exactly how to this (can't remember), but there must be a manual for this.
In the server admin program under internet services tab click on web server options, if memory serves you click on the last tab in that window under realms, then u add realms and user access info to folders in the web folder.

It may also be in a window when you double click on a "site" in the web server options window...

Sorry this is all from memory.

But where ever it is, lookout for the realms feature, Or at least my OS X Server v10.0.4 has that feature

Good luck