Apple Stock stable


Apple stock has fell some this morning, but was mostly stable today. It only dropped $0.38 per share or -2.19% with the last trade of the day being at $16.99 per share.

Microsoft however has lost 8.11% of its value today closing at $52.91 per share.

Motorola (makers of the PowerPC chips for Apple) was down 1.73%.

Intel was down 9.24%.
AMD was down 14.43%.
Maxtor was down 6.26%.
Western Digital was down 12.23%.
IBM was down 3.24%.
Micron (memory makers) was down 8.06%.

All in all, the computer world did ok, but not great. Thankfully, Apple was one of the most stable technology stocks that I looked at. It shows how much support Apple has right now. If you know of any other interesting stock prices, post here!

Apple has been relatively unscathed by the recent stock price drops. Today they even gained a bit bringing it very close to pre-bombing prices by only losing 2.1% since close of business Monday Sept 10, before the bombing.

Other companies...
Microsoft is down 6.5%.
Intel is down 18.4%.
AMD is down 23.2%.
Maxtor was down 14.6%.
Western Digital was down 14.4%.
IBM was down 0.5%.
Micron (memory makers) was down 26.2%.
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