Apple Studio Display 17" - Pbg4 - Max. 1024x768 Res


Hi, I can connect my 17 inch Studio Display (LCD) via ADC-DVI Adapter to my 12 inch Powerbook G4 (MiniDVI). The problem is that the max resolution for the studio display is 1024x768. 1280x1024 (the native resolution of the display) is not even shown in the list (system->monitors->resolutions). I tried mirror-mode, 2 screen-mode, and also closed the lid of the powerbook. Nothing, it stays at 1024x768 max.
The display is recognized as Apple Studio Display, but only 3 modes (640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768) are shown.
The PB runs 10.4.2, all updates, has 512 Ram, FX Go 5200 64 MB, the ADC adapter is from Apple.
I also tried a screen resolution tool (displayconfigx), which can override the resolution modes. But in order to do that, I need timing and frequency information for the Studio Display which I cannot find on google.

Can anybody help me? My general tech level is quite high, but I'm new to Apple and MacOS.

As far as I know the 17inch Display is compatible to the ADC-DV adapter, which is compatible to the 12 inch mini-DVI powerbook. This should be working.

many thanks!

There are 3 different external display modes that your powerbook can do.

1. Mirroring - both the powerbook and the external show the same thing. This is what your computer is doing now, because the PowerBook's display's max res is 1024x768 the external display can't go any higher.
2. Spanning - The desktop is spanned across both displays. In this mode each screen can be set to a different resolution. You enable this in display preferences by selecting disable mirroring.
3. Clamshell mode - If you have a USB mouse and keyboard, you can close the lid on your powerbook, it will go to sleep but if you hit a key on the external keyboard it will wake up and use only the external display.

Hope this helps!