Apple sucks!

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Don't get me wrong. I've been a Mac user for over 10 years. Bought a few Power Macintoshes when many people expected Apple to go out of business. But today I have to say that Apple sucks!

Here's why. I bought the PowerBook G4 in Taiwan as soon as it came out early this year. The reason is I wanted a PowerBook with "[G4] inside." Why did I want a G4 machine? Because I wanted to run MacOS X on it of course. Then from a promotion, I got a copy of MacOS X and 2 more years of AppleCare for my TiBook. And that's when my nightmare began.

The MacOS X copy was 10.0.3. It could let me input Chinese characters, but it could not be upgraded to 10.0.4. So I bought myself a copy of 10.1 English, only later realized that I could not input Chinese. What the hell is going on over there Apple? I thought one of the beauties of MacOS is its awesome language support?

I'm still using MacOS X everyday on my PowerBook G4. But I start wondering the value of getting a new current Mac when my old Power Macintosh 8600/300 running 300 MHz G2 processor seems to be running almost as fast as my PowerBook G4/500 on MacOS X. Oh, by the way, PM 8600 can input Chinese, Japanese as well as English with MacOS 9.1. It will definitely run faster than my TiBook after I upgrade to a 500MHz G3 processor and move to OS 9.21.

Apple, you've got to do something before loyalists like me stop buying your products. Now, get your ass to work!

Very disappointed customer,
George Lien
English Consultant
there is no way your old powermac 8600 could be as fast as the powerbook g4.. just doesn't make sense.
The 8600 was a fast machine. User-Centric Performance can be higher on a 8600 with a 500 MHz G3 card on 9.2.1 over a TiBook 500 with Mac OS X 10.1. Why not?

But I think there *are* going to be more languages in 10.1 - just ask Apple, I say. But I don't know more about it.

Maybe someone can find out who is doing Chinese (and other yet missing languages) support in Mac OS X?

I too didn't believe that an older PowerMac 8600 could be as fast as the first generation PowerBook G4 until I experienced it myself.

But just as fryke said, the PM8600 especially with 250, 300, 350MHz 604 processors, were very fast machines. Thus, with 500MHz G3 card, their performance on 9.2.1 can be higher than a 500MHz TiBook on Mac OS X.1.

Why do you think I am so upset with Apple?

This is my first very serious attack on Apple in my 12 years using the Mac. I wouldn't do this if I didn't have anything to talk about.

I guess I will have to wait for 10.2 if I want further improvment in system performance on my PowerBook G4.
Sorry, but I have to disagree.

Why? I'm writing on my mom's new combo iBook running at 600 MHz, and I can truthfully say that it runs faster than 9.2.1 on an 8600, and yes, I have used one... I've worked at a school that exclusively uses Macs (over 100 on campus, and most of them are relatively old ones... we only have about 50 G3s which are relatively old iMacs). This iBook is VERY fast in OS X 10.1.

My G4 cube is also very fast in OS X 10.1, even when running 2 SETI@home CLI processes... if I was running 2 instances of SETI in 9.2.1 on an 8600, I wouldn't be able to get anything done. Often I don't even realize that I still have both instances running since my dock is on autohide. When my cube first starts up when there are virtually no processes running, it runs even more superbly.

So either you have a very exceptional 8600, a very terrible Powerbook G4, are running very few processes on the 8600, or are running a lot of processes on the PowerBook G4. I have also used a PowerBook G4 500 MHz in line of an Apple Store Opening, and it ran OS X faster than my cube.

As for the Chinese characters, I have no experience with this, but you are probably right. However, you expect to get better support for Chinese on Windows? Give me a break.
Oh, you just need the multi-lingual version of 10.1, 5J34.
Apple don't suck, but, they could have informed a little more about this, maybe.
Thank you for your info. I got my 10.1 in Taiwan, so I expected it to allow me to input Chinese. I paid extra for my PowerBook G4 because the market here isn't as large the one in U.S. Apple does suck due to its slow and inconsistent OS migration.

Still, I wish iPod will be a hit!
Originally posted by georgelien
Apple does suck due to its slow and inconsistent OS migration.

No, that's wrong. As an AppleSeed member, I was testing a beta version of the multi-language 10.1 a long time before standard 10.1 was released. And it was in GM already only a week or two after the standard 10.1 was released.
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