Apple to buy Palm!?


Apple just might be in position to buy troubled Palm, Inc. They're looking for a buyer and it would fill an empty slot in their product matrix. Good or bad? Would they call it a Newton? I dunno... judge for yourself. Follow this link for the story. Also, it's a cool site.
lets buy out the competition, that way palm followers will have no hesitation but to go Apple. If Apple Makes a good transition onto the market after purchasing Palm, then they could create the Newton/Palm, or Aqua/Palm interface? Talk about a windows killer!
I agree, I think that apple should come out with some serious business hardware, rackmount servers!!?

However the palm market has really grown in the business world as well, and what a better way to win over public opinion than to do it from Palm.
I too agree that the palm is really useless sometimes, it is a lame mix of a gameboy and a notebook computer. I barely even use the one that I have.
All the same though, the name Palm is already imbedded into the minds of so many PC users, so that If apple snuck in....well, like I said before Public opinion by the majority would change to favor Apple = more power to put MS in there place.
Apple Buying Palm? That would be the coolest thing! Just think, there'd be a cool new look to all the little Palm Handhealds and an Aqua-ized OS! ^^ oh the splender of apple!
Palm hardware is just too inferior!
It doesnt have the power to do what the newton did, and the future of palm computing devices should be able to do.

If they are to make something new they need to pull a transformation similar to the one from 68xxxx to PPC and classic to OS X .... plain and simple.

Apple would slowwwly discontinue the palm OS and move into a better product (check out the back page of Macworld July 2001; there is a pic of a prototype-style apple palm, they called it the iPad)

I think it would be the best move Apple could make right now!
That is a good idea, but they would still need to do that 68xxx-PPCesque switch to the hardware & software.

ALso he iPad name has been around for a while now on prototype web sites. People have made lots of apple/palm conception models
I wouldn't have thought that it would be the best time for an acquisition spree for Apple. The IT revenues are down in general and they are in a development phase of both software and hardware. Palm would be a good complement to their product range, potentially, but Palm's product cycle means that the current customers have recently upgraded their pilots and would not be willing to do so in the near future. That would give Palm the opportunity to develop the next generation of course, but would require capital from their owners. As a consumer of Apples I would feel less happy about them buying Palm than I would about them having enough cash to ride out any bad times in the future.

Also, you have to ask yourself the question - would you rather they spent the money on developing OS X and their hardware produt range further or buying other companies?

Thats a very good point, and I may have to agree with you on this!

If it is in Apple's capabilities to do all of the above and succeed then I think buying palm now would be a good move, only Apple really knows for sure what they can and can't do.

In the mean time I am willing to buy a few more shares to support them in whatever they might do.
Agreed - I haven't looked at their balance sheet yet to see what acquisitions they can support but it may be that they could buy them out. For me, a much less risky option for them may be to go into a software partnership for a particular project - make sure that sofware on both platforms links together seamlessly. The software links seem pretty good though already.

FYI Buying shares doesn't really support the company directly because they have already issued them - they are in the secondary market. It will keep demand up though (and thus price) making Apple less likely to be taken over. However as a holder of shares you will get first dibs on any new issues of shares (rights issue) and that will be giving Apple money directly.

Of course another good way to support them is to purchase their products and not pirate their software.