Apple to release new digital device 10/23

So what do you think it could be ? Many boards and articles say it's a music device, like a MP3 player, but that wouldn't be too amazing unless ....... it could be a PDA that plays MP3's ! It's just a stab in the dark.

Apple say it's not a mac but could it be a new chip ? Maybe the 64 bit G5 ? What could be so amazing that it would deserve a special announcement ?

It's for the digital hub so maybe it's the new Airport 2, higher data transfer and longer range.

Just wanted to see what you all think


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It's the beginning of a series of digital hub devices that is being developed by the iTunes and Quicktime dev teams as well as another team of developers.

It's definately not going to be a PDA. I personally think that it's going to be something to works along with the Airport and it will obviously have something to do with multimedia.

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I'm betting on a Tivo which uses free internet via airport. They have all of the hardware. I bet they could sell it for cheap, and it wouldn't include commercials or ads either, just to spite M$ and its high prices.

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So I thought about it a little more....

Why aren't there cube people coming out of the woodwork yet?

What if they made a smaller cube?

Of course it wont happen, but why aren't we hearing this anyway? Have the rumor mills burnt down?


Here are some of my ideas:

1) A stereo component a la the ones ThinkGeek is selling with hard drives, etc. But this one can take data via USB/FireWire/Airport and be controlled with iTunes from a room away.

2) The Newton is back, perhaps with a phone or QuickTime player.

3) The Cube is spitefully turned into the jukebox in #1.

4) An MP3 player that uses QuickTime and is upgradable such that we can download std. codecs to it and get new features. Of course this plugs into iTunes.

5) <dreaming> A TiVoish settop recorder that, with Airport/FireWire, can store days of MP3s and ungodly hours of video and be controlled in iTunes AND can store video from iMovie. The death of CD merged with the death of VHS. Oh, and it can burn DVDs and accept additional storage via FireWire hard drives. </dreaming>


This site:

says it's gonna be a portable HD that can synch with itunes. A portable drive? That would hardly be groundbreaking. Sounds like it would come with new software that could be interesting, but unless you could play music with just the HD like a rio, etc. I wouldn't be interested. Also, I hope it's something more than just another mp3 storage/player. :( It'd be cool if that was just one thing it did - but not the only thing.


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Originally posted by Matrix Agent
I'm betting on a Tivo which uses free internet via airport. They have all of the hardware. I bet they could sell it for cheap, and it wouldn't include commercials or ads either, just to spite M$ and its high prices.

Oh man that would be sweet. My roommate and I were gonna get a TiVo but we don't have a phone line for it (we just use our cell phones :eek: ). If it could run off my Airport I'd be all over that shizz.
Someone mentioned the Newton....

I happen to still use mine for time entry (you know tracking billable time for clients, tracking firm chargeable expenses, etc..) and taking notes during phone conversations with clients, PTO officials, whatever.

Anyway, my friend, the IT head honcho walks into my office yesterday and shits himself. "What's that!" "It recognizes real handwriting?!" He borrowed it and still has it. He wanted to buy one. Told him to check ebay. He was amazed that apple gave up on this. The size was obviously a problem, but he quickly overlooked that and mumbled on and on about how this or that could be miniaturized with today's components. He muttered, as he left my office to show his team, "Graffiti sucks!" I smiled.

I know it's not likely, but I wish it could be an updated Newton device...


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I have my newton right next to me ;)
The size is an issue and I would like to take it everywhere I go but just as I dont take a paperback agenda with me, I dont my newton. I put it in my back pack most of the time I am out and with a back pack ;).

I have translation/dictionary programs and I am working on a few newtonbooks for quick grammar referece.

Not to mention the games I have on it and it is ready to receive mail and go online (provided that I had a modem :p)

The newton rocks, period ;)

--> so there are 2 guys in boston with a newton? What model do you have ?
the 2100 model. Remember that refurbish offer that Apple had back in '97 or '98? I sent mine in and they did the update for me. I think it was just added memory and OS upgrade but I may be wrong...

One thing... I have lost my interface dongle thingee. Do you have an extra? or do you know where i can get one? I need to add some more apps.
As for the modem, have you tried the (by now, dated) Motorola mariner 33.6 Modem/Fax/LAN card. That's what I use and it has always worked wonderfully. The drivers were easily found on motorola's site (i think). Just sucks to have it hooked up to a wire... If you want to try it, I may be able to scrounge up an extra. I know I had one lying around somewhere... maybe we could swap the newton dongle for the card? Would you throw in a memory card, too?

Anyone know if there is a wireless modem card that'd work with the newton??? Has anyone had success with a specific model? Would airport be an option? Just thinking aloud... drivers would probably be the issue but I'm sure some of you Ÿbergeeks could write one for us. Please!

AK (Ass Kicker or... Ass Kisser?):p :

What game apps do you have on your newton? what other apps?

Let's start a Newton revival! I'm off to ebay to check on newton offerings right now!


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Unfortunatelly I dont have an extra dongle :(
YOu can find dongles and memory cards on ebay. I have bought a 2Mb card back in my 120 days. I have a 2100 too he he.

The thing I hate about the PCMCIA modems is the "wires" part. I would like to do stuff wirelessly with my cell phone ;) Unfortunatelly IrDA on the newton is a baby and cant comprehend signals used nowadays. Sigh... I could concevably go online with my Nokia but it does require a Nokia data cable and a null modem cable (sigh again... I hate wires :p)

What do I have in my newton?
Here we go :
ANSCI C reference
ASCII table

Quick BlackJack
Biorythms (m
DS Newt
Deep Green
Backgammon (ta
Sea Hunt
Mystic 8 ball
Bombs Away
Tic tac toe

Time Zones
Owner Info
Writing Practice
----------- The abive are built in

Cyrillic KB
SA register

AvailWorks (word processor, spreadsheet, drawing, more ?)
PowerTrans (dictionary/translator )
Convert (Formula on steroids :p)
Graphing 101 (Graphing calculator)
Notion (to do on steroids)
SciCAlc (scientific calculator)
Pocket Quicken

Deutschland (german locale)
France (French locale)
AUsrtia (Ausrtianlocale)
Freeze Utils
Symbol Font
FOnt Pack I
Font Pack II
Cyrillic Font

Well that list is a bit old but more or less that is what I have ;)

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I hope the iPod has some "one last thing" special feature... My hopes aren't too high.

The phatbox mentioned on that wired story seemed cool but i wouldn't want to replace my cd changer with it. And my Saab's audio system is so integrated into the whole vehicle control/monitoring system that it looks like it's not an option for me.

What would be cool would be a hard drive like device that holds the music data you download from your computer but plugs into existing CD changers. Anyone want to form a research group to look into this? I can handle the legal and perhaps venture capital aspects through my firm.

Man the weather is great here... I'm sitting on my deck connected via airport watching the lights come on in the buildings downtown across the harbour (we're on an island in Boston Harbour). There's a cool tall ship hoisting sails. My Boston Terriers are sleeping at my feet. Vodka Tonic at arm's reach. Unthinkable even a few years ago... yea apple!



It's now the 23rd, and where's the device?

There is no announcements on Apple's website. No articles
as of when during the day it will be released. I thought it would be some kind of webcast or something.

Anyone know?

Red Phoenix

They're doing a press announcement sometime today, so there won't be any new information on it until then. Someone suggested that it would be at 10:30 AM, California time.
So it was a music device, the iPod they call it ....

Looks and sounds cool. It technology is much more advanced than any other Mp3 player, (rio, sony ....)

I'm thinking this technology could be used for a future PDA. With that size carrying 5 GB and 10 hour battery (hope that play time, not standby) it should pave it's way on making a new awesome PDA.

This is most likely one of many future devices to be released by apple, and it'll probably get better.


Yea, looks cool!

But it's a little pricey i think. 399 bucks... *shew*

Sure it's way more advanced than anything else on the market
but the other players can be used on more platforms than a mac like the Airport which is actually the cheapest basestation here in Sweden anyway.

But I'm looking forward to trying it out though...