Apple TV Running Costs... upgrade now?


Trying to justify upgrading your old Apple TV?

I've been playing with a power usage monitors and have discovered that the biggest user of power whilst on "standby" in my house is the apple TV @ 20watts. With electricity at approx 20p per KWh, that works out at £35 per year. (20x24x365/1000*0.2)

I don't know what the "standby" power usage of the new apple TV is, but given that it has a 6 watt power supply (compared to the 48 watt supply in the original), it's going to be no more than 6 watts... but let's assume it's 3. That's an annual running cost of £5.

The difference is therefore at least £30 per year. At £99, a new Apple TV would pay for itself in 4 years... but if you sell your old one on eBay for £60-65 (a quick scan of current prices suggest to me that's achievable), it pays back in about a year.

I might have got my maths wrong, but it does seem to me that (1) Apple should have put a proper off switch on the original apple TV (2) There have been some steps forward in power economy.