Apple wants to hear from you (.mac users)


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Of course not. _They_ want .mac users' feedback, they don't want everyone to see it.


haha. is that good or bad LOL

but would be interesting, hmmm?


While .Mac is fairly priced (IMHO), not everyone wants or needs all of its services. The cost is too high in such as case, thus Apple not only misses out on subscribers by not offering 'a la Carte' services, but it also misses out on their input with such a survey (since they are not members).

If you are a .Mac member, please mention that Apple should consider offering parts of their .Mac service at various prices.

What I really find disappointing is Backup, which only works if you subscribe to .Mac. Of course, there are other solutions, but such an app should come with OSX standard. Nobody is going to be able to back up their home folder to .Mac anyway, so using it to backup to CD/DVD's or a Hard drive is the only reasonable solution. This shouldn't require .Mac to be involved at all.


That particular form is fishing for marketing fluff. Apple clearly wants to use responses as testimonials more than they want to use that information as ways to improve .Mac.


i'm not a .mac subscriber - basically for the fact that registering a website name and server space is anually cheaper! and you get more websapce - emails - etc etc.

Here's the model i would recommend to apple (if in a parallel universe i could!)

Increase the webspace!!!! Catch up with the likes of google etc who are offereing massive webspace. It would also allow more disk space for backups / galleries etc.

Build a mobile .mac! - contacts / bookmarks / emails / files made accesible on mobile devices. (this could potentially be huge- if apple do one day build a 'iphone' - imagine one day being in a meeting - being blutoothed a vcard to your iphone - and it immediately either syncs to your .mac address book, and then auto syncs your address book on your mac when you fire it up or - syncing to your addressbook on your mac - it autosyncs to your .mac addressbook. the same could work for file / folder structures.) all of your information - multiple places - via one action.

.mac blogging! apple could offer some great features and templates.

add better core services alongside the 'icards' - i.e - publish a gallery - buy prints.

Apple should give a years free subscription with every new mac sold. and make a big point of it when that new mac is first started up - iset up in the usual 'first start-up' mac set-up.

basically i think they should spin off .mac to a core team in the same way they have done with the ipod. if i can register and buy a domain simply to back up my data cheaper than .mac - there is no incentive. there should be a AppleWebhost company. utilise some of those Xserves they have! let people register a .mac name and buy the space and services they want just like they would from a regular webhosting company. but do it the apple way - easy, simple and elegant.

oh - and develop 'back-up' for the masses...