Applemail 1.2.5(553)


When receiving a message that has more than 999 characters befor a carriage return, this version of AppleMail stops displaying (or accepting) text at the 999 mark and won't start again until it gets a carriage return.

For example, an email comes in with 5 paragraphs structured as 5 long lines of text with a carriage return at the end of each. 4 have less than 999 characters and one has more. In AppleMail, what is shown are 4 paragraphs with complete text and one that stops at the 999th character. It's as though AppleMail has a 999 character line length limit.

How do I work around this bug?



Staff member
Put in one more carriage return... Hm. That wasn't really helpful, I guess... I've never heard this or seen it. What version of OS X are you using? Is there a free update for it that might correct the issue? (I'm not sure what version of OS X Mail 1.2.5 came with...)