Apple's best mail software..


One word for ya'll: PowerTalk!

PowerTalk was, quite possibly, the coolest piece of software ever devised my any company in this or any other universe. Think of it - send and receive mail at the OS level - no need for an app!!

You could, if you wanted, send RTF mail from a number of applications, and receive mail in the same application (you haven't lived until you've received mail in MacWrite Pro or Claris Resolve!)

After installing PowerTalk you would have a mail tray on your desktop, and you could configure how often it checked mail. You could expand the functionality of PowerTalk using plug-ins so that it could communicate with a wide variety of services.

PowerTalk was the early 90's precursor of the KeyChain in OS 9 and OS X! It used the EXACT same interface and functionality to connect to mail servers, AppleShare servers, everything!

It's quite tragic that Apple dropped PowerTalk, along with the PowerTalk Server software. There really wasn't anything like it..
I have powertalk in my System 7.5 CD CD :D (for my performa 635CD)....

Does anyone know of a place on the new where they list/showcase apple discontinued technologies ? (I am looking for a "new" newton on ebay now ;) ... I have a 120 but want a 2000/2100 :) ... I hate it that not all people take billpoint or paypal :p ... cheques take too long and I want my newton in 3 days lol :p)

Doesn't anybody remember System 7 Pro? It had all those cool features way before it's time... Ahh the good ole days :D