Apple's Big Plan


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Let's feel good about Apple. Let's do a bit of speculation, a bit of common sense speculation at least.

In January 2002 Apple will (should) have the following hardware lines:

- PowerMacintosh G5 starting at 1.2 GHz (or G4 PPC 7460)
- Titanium PowerBook G4 at or around 1 GHz (PPC 7440 or newer)
- All new iMac with TFT (G3 700-1000 plus a G4 SE model)
- iBook with G3 700-1000 MHz

There'll also be the iPod, maybe in a revamped version (better & cheaper)

There'll be plenty of apps for Mac OS X (10.2 announced for the one year anniversary at the end of March) like Office v. X, Adobe InDesign 2.0, Adobe Illustrator 10, Adobe Photoshop 7 announced (March?). And many, many more.

Steve Jobs will say: "We've outpaced the clock on the wall." which will draw laughter from the crowd. "We're already around the clock in January." (It's not entirely true but makes us feel good.)

And then, as 'one more thing', Apple will announce that it has bought out the Motorola Desktop PowerPC division and forms - together with IBM - a new company that is entirely commited to make the best desktop computer CPUs in the world: The PowerPC G6 and G7 (consumer, pro) over the next year. Until then the company will produce large amounts of G3-G5 processors. :)
I can only hope for a G5 starting at 1.2ghz. That would make me happy, but I don't think it will happen until mid-late 2002.