Apple's UW SCSI Card


I know the UW scsi card in my machine is Adaptec's - it was a BTO option when I bought my beige g3.

Adaptec, I believe, says that this round of UW cards aren't supported and check with apple.

Apple has no infomratoin.

Can anyone illuminate me?


AFAIK, the beige G3 U/W SCSI option was an OEM ATTO Express PCI card. Double check with Apple System Profiler (or in OpenFirmware if you know how). If you've never updated the firmware, try using the link the guy gave earlier - it's also on the Mac OS X Server CD. If you still have problems and if you have a PC lying around, you might also try putting it in that x86 box and using ATTO's firmware flasher, upgrade to the latest ATTO firmware for that card. You can't do that initial flash over from Apple OEM firmware to ATTO firmware in a Mac, but you can do subsequent upgrades on the Mac. Note that once you switch, you can't go back to Apple OEM firmware (but I haven't had any reason to).
Thanks for the Adaptec page link. Now at least I know that they have no intention of supporting my SCSI card with OSX, though it's less than a year old. Oh, joy.