Applescript and Filemaker PRo


OK. I've made my first venture into Applescript on OS X. I made a simple
script, as follows:

tell application "FileMaker Pro"
end tell

I saved it as an application. It works fine if I double click it ... As
expected, FMP pops to the foreground. If I take this SAME script and set it
to run at a specified time using cron, it gives an error of "Application
isn't running." It makes no sense.

Am I missing something? This is the last piece of the puzzle moving off of
OS 9 on servers...

Instead of calling the application script directly from cron, call it through open:

* 4 * * * /usr/bin/open /path/to/app/script

(or whatever for the time/date). See if that helps; it seemed to do the trick for a script talking to iTunes.
Yes, I discovered that earlier today when I downloaded CronniX and there's a menu option to drop the path into cron. It auto-enters the /usr/bin/opn part in there for you.